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Here's your December Obesity Cures Insider, with 5 holiday diet tips
December 21, 2005

Obesity Cures Insider December 21, 2005

In this issue:

1) Kong-sized Reaction to our Peter Jackson Weight Loss Article

2) Five Simple Tips to Avoid Festive Season Fat Traps

3) Catch the Obesity Cures Blog

This is our last issue of 2005 and boy, what a year it's been! Tsunamis, hurricanes, bombs, war and earthquakes. The words of that old Chinese curse come to mind: "May you live in interesting times."

In that vein, here's wishing you and your loved ones a blessed holiday and a really uninteresting 2006…

Kind regards

Alan Cooper

Kong-sized Reaction to our Peter Jackson Weight Loss Article

When I first set out to investigate the secret behind movie maker Peter Jackson's spectacular 70lb weight loss, I hoped there'd be some people as curious as I was to discover the truth.

Little did I imagine the sensation my findings would cause when I finally revealed them in a short article on!

In a little over a month, thousands and thousands of people have visited the Peter Jackson Weight Loss page on the site to read about the "Skull Island Diet," which is really more a deceptively simple lifestyle change than a diet.

It wasn't long before the mainstream media picked up on the article, with featuring in the big-circulation New York Post on December 7. I don't want to give anything away, but a national television appearance may soon follow! I know this smacks of a Kong-like chest beating exercise, but every now and then I can't resist indulging in a bit of old fashioned boasting. I'd like to think that the interest sparked by the article is further proof that readers really are better informed than most when it comes to weight loss and obesity related news. If you haven't read the article yet, click on the link below to visit our Peter Jackson weight loss page and see what all the fuss is about. If you've already read the article, it's still worth a visit because we've updated the page with links to a really funny photographic time line of Jackson's weight loss and to the New York Post article... Peter Jackson Weight Loss

Five Easy Holiday Diet Tips for Beating Festive Season Fat Traps

Remember that feeling of delicious excitement that we used to feel as kids at the approach of the end of year holidays? Sadly, for many of us it's been replaced with a sense of dread… and not just at the prospect of opening our credit card bill in January!

For some an even bigger fear awaits - the prospect of facing the bathroom scale after weeks of festive food and drink.

It wasn't for nothing that they once called holidays like Christmas "feast days". Back in medieval times these feasts were rare islands of indulgence in oceans of famine lasting for months.

In the developed world these days, the closest we get to famine is when we work through lunch. It can be a battle to keep our weight under control in the face of everyday food temptations. End of year feasts can tip us right over the edge. But it need not be like that. Here are five simple tips to beat the festive season fat traps… and the inevitable guilt that follows. You'll be relieved to hear that none of them involves starving yourself… Click Here for the Full Article

Catch the Obesity Cures Blog

A recent feature on our site is the Obesity Cures Blog. In this regularly updated mini-journal, I'll let you know whenever any new Web pages appear on, or whenever I make any changes to popular or important pages you should know about. I'll also tell you about any breaking obesity, diet or weight loss news I encounter.

Why trawl dozens of web sites for obesity-related news when you can get it all in one place? Subscribing to The Obesity Cures Blog is really easy.

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