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Obesity Cures has a simple, but ambitious aim … to give you (or your loved ones) the tools to beat obesity with the least pain and effort. We sift through the bewildering array of weight loss solutions out there, simplify it and host it in one place for convenient, one-stop access.

The result … You get to make an informed decision on the solution (or solutions) best suited to your unique weightloss goals.

The trouble with most websites and other sources of obesity and weight loss information is that they are slanted toward selling you a particular product, whether it’s a diet, a brand of prescription weightloss pills or a particular natural obesity cure.

We know you're tired of sales pitches. You're sick of unrealistic promises. You know that quick-fix, "eat anything you like" programs don't work.

You want simple, no fuss facts. At Obesity Cures we give you those facts.

We give you the key facts about the major diets, including popular "fad diets" like the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet and Rosedale Diet.

We explore the psychology behind obesity. With the help of experts in the field like Dr Phil we reveal obesity's unconscious causes and the hidden mental barriers standing between us and our ideal healthy weight.

At Obesity Cures, we're well aware that one of the main obstacles to people reaching their weightloss goals is the unrealistic expectations created by society and the media.

We're all bombarded daily with artificial ideals of beauty... the airbrushed images of magazine cover models, the silicone and make-up enhanced features of movie and TV stars.

When confronted with such perfection, our own weight loss efforts seem hopeless. So we will strive to give you the information and tools to create – and stick to - your own weight loss plan… a plan based on solid wellness and health considerations, not on impossible, false ideals of perfection.

By popular request we've also included a section on famous people with obesity to remind you that celebrities often face exactly the same challenges as us ordinary folk when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy.

We tell you about the most effective prescription weightloss pills in use today. We'll help you decide whether such prescription diet medication is the best solution, or whether you should rather consider one of the natural obesity cures, like homeopathy or herbs.

Sadly, some people have reached such life threatening stages of morbid obesity that drastic measures are called for. We fill you in on last resort surgical solutions like stomach stapling and gastric bypass surgery. Of course, prevention is always better than cure. So we have a section on obesity in children. We explore topics like childhood obesity related medical conditions and the effects of fast food on growing kids and teens.

We're also building a library of obesity and weight loss related articles, books, e-books and other resources.

And because wellness-related issues like obesity and weight loss comprise one of today's hottest growth industries, we've also included a section on jobs and business opportunities in this field: Weightloss Wealth.

We're constantly updating our site, so be sure to subscribe to our email updates. We'd also love to hear what you think of our site, so please contact us with suggestions, complaints or compliments.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. You've taken that step by finding our site. Now take the next one and click on one of the links below or to the left.

We'll be with you every step of the way…

Obesity News
Get the latest obesity news, weight loss trends and diet news
Need obesity help? Ask Obesity Cures
Need obesity help? Here's the place to pose your obesity, weigh loss and diet questions...
Plastic surgery for weight loss
If diet and exercise haven't worked, maybe plastic surgery will help you reach your weight loss goals
Obesity and fast foods - the lethal link
Obesity and fast foods are killing America. Now this empire of fat is spreading around the world... with grim results
obesity acceptance - a beguiling but deadly message
Obesity acceptance says there are no medical problems associated with obesity, a message that threatens misery, illness and early death for thousands who could have lived better, longer lives...
Famous people with obesity... From the King of Rock to the Talk Show Queen
Famous people with obesity... how celebrities' battle of the bulge can help us ordinary folk in our weightloss wars...
child obesity who to blame? Are we the real causes of child obesity?
Fast food and other culprits are the easy targets when we ask "child obesity who to blame?" But the real causes of child obesity may be closer to home than we'd like to admit...
Hispanics and obesity - you can break the cycle...
Look out! There is enough anecdotal and scientific data supporting the link between Hispanics and obesity to raise warning flags
Prejudice and obesity, the ugly face of a society obsessed with appearance...
Prejudice and obesity go hand in hand at school and in the workplace. But it doesn't mean we have to put up with it. You can help lift the lid on the scourge of obesity related prejudice...
Psychotherapy obesity cure - should this be in your basket of obesity solutions?
Why is the psychotherapy obesity cure so important? Because treating the symptoms of obesity without tackling the submerged psychological causes is asking for trouble...
Do you need binge eating help? You're not alone...
Is your eating out of control? Do you know someone with binge eating disorder. Binge eating help is available...
Latino Obesity ... who's the real culprit?
Most Hispanic families eat a "healthy"cereal breakfast. So why are Latino Obesity levels on the rise?
Health Disparities and Obesity - a Hispanic study...
A $4.1million, 5-year study is set to answer many pressing questions about Hispanic health disparities and obesity
Best Obesity Books
There are thousands of obesity books out there. We review a selection of the very best, saving you time and money...
Best fad diets - Is there any such thing?
Don't trust anyone who says they know what the best fad diets are for you. But If you insist on trying one, we'll do our best to give you enough information to make an informed choice...
Are your ideas of obesity and fat control based on a myth?
Is your idea of obesity and fat control to eliminate fat and high-cholesterol foods from your diet? Big mistake! You could be eliminating valuable good fats. Here's how to tell the good from the bad.
Do you know your cholesterol facts from fiction?
What should you do to make sure you're getting enough of the good cholesterol and eleminating the bad? The answer to this question is one of the most important cholesterol facts of all...
The Jack LaLanne Diet - are you tough enough?
You don't have be a superman to benefit from superfit senior, Jack LaLanne's, example. Try the lite version of the Jack LaLanne diet...
The Cave Man Diet Takes You Back to Basics... waaaaay back. Are you man enough?
Waiter, I'm on the cave man diet so bring me a mastadon steak, rare and hold the fries. NeanderThin, the newest version of the oldest diet, is not quite that radical, but it's still not for sissies
Is there a relation between obesity and penis size?
Many obese men are deeply embarrassed by their penis size. In fact, an optical illusion is at the root of the obesity and penis size debate...
Metamucil Weight Loss: A low cost alternative to FiberThin and ZetaCap?
Can a humble laxative like Metamucil really hold its own against expensive, much-hyped diet supplements like FiberThin and ZetaCap? ObesityCures.com found some truth to Metamucil weight loss claims.
The new-look Ronald McDonald puts a sporty spin on fatty fast foods
Ronald McDonald has a new sporty look and a new title - Ambassador of Balanced Lifestyle. Is this a genuine bid to improve kids' eating habits or just a cynical attempt to deflect mounting criticisim?
The Peter Jackson Weight Loss Secret - Introducing the Skull Island Diet
The Peter Jackson Weight Loss Secret Revealed - How Lord of the Rings movie maker shed 71lbs without fad diets...
Holiday diet tips. Five Easy Tips for Beating Festive Season Fat Traps
Five simple holiday diet tips to beat festive season fat trap - and the guilt that follows. You'll be relieved to hear that none of them involves starving yourself...
South Beach Diet - Think of Doc Atkins in beach shorts instead of a lab coat...
The South Beach Diet is more laid back than most low-carb diets, but you still better be ready to say goodbye to white flour products, sweet fruits, and foods with a high glycemic index.
Have you fallen victim to low carb stupidity?
Fat burning guru Tom Venuto lays bare the epidemic of low carb stupidity sweeping the world today as fast food makers and other cynical marketers cash in on the low carb craze...
Celebrity weight loss secret of Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Alba
Learn the celebrity weight loss secret shared by Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba & other A-list celebrites. Hint: it's not one of the fad diets!
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