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HCG Homepathic 
Has anyone tried the homeopathic liquid HCG? I bought it, but before I'd opened the bottle I read the reviews and went to their website for the instructions …

Inconsistent parenting causing daughter's weight gain 
Parents and caregivers are the number one cause of childhood obesity. Take me for example. I'm an educated healthy male who strives to be healthier …

chubby since age 6 
I've had a lifetime of obesity. As a six year old, I became chubby after a major illness that resulted in my being in a body cast/brace for 1.5 years. …

Teenage obesity! 
Hello! I'm 16 and suffer from great obesity problems, mainly due to high corticosteroid intake since childhood as well of limited variety of healthy dishes …

Vegetable Soup Diet 
I've heard the vegetable soup diet is good for weight loss. Please tell me what's in it and if it works. I've never really liked vegetables, but if a vegetable …

Child Obesity Facts 
I'm writing a paper on the subject of Child Obesity. What do you think are the most important child obesity facts I should focus on?

Friend is in need of help 
Hi! my friend thinks she is fat, but me and my other friends try to make her tell her that she is not fat. Just a few days ago she told every one of …

I'm 15 and looking to lose atleast 5 kilos before my formal in 3 months. 
I am a 15 year old boy who at the moment weights 69-70 kg. I stand at 5'8 and I have a belly. I do kickboxing 4 days a week and 2 and a half hour training …

Help! I'm gaining weight rapidly 
I follow a balanced diet but still I am getting obese.I have no other complications or eating disorders.

You fail to mention... 
Health At Every Size. There's this whole community of healthcare experts promoting a non-weight-loss approach. You have a page opposing fat acceptance …

HELP! i need a safe fast diet with forever lasting results 
I'm 34-year-old male, 172.5 cm tall and I weigh 134.5 kg. I tried many diets and one of them called the chemical diet worked well for me and I lost around …

Type 1 diabetes and obesity 
I am 58 and have had Type 1 diabetes since 16 months of age. Although I haven't suffered any major diabetes-related complications, I am 5'3" and weigh …

Bariatric Surgeries? 
I know about the dismal success rates for weight loss by changing lifestyle, so I'm considering a gastric band. Do you have any information on gastric …

I am 100 pounds overweight! 
I cannot lose weight to save my life... I walk with my kids, I eat smaller portions, I am more physical than i was when I was gaining all this weight while …

I need to lose 47 pounds for my wedding is in 2 months! tell me that if I can do and how to do urgent please !!!!! 
by Janet (Bayamon, Puerto Rico) I need help please! I'm 22 years old and weighs 192 pounds. I'm getting married in two months and need to lose 47 pounds …

Hungry all the time. 
I am a 55 yr old female, 5'6", 203 lbs. I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes last year. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have gone …

Why do I Feel so Bloated and Full After Eating? 
Why does my stomach feel so bloated, whether I eat a lot or very little? It feels like everything I eat turns to fat.

Want food all the time 
I want food all the time, is there anything out there that will help with this?

I need a diet that works for me! Not rated yet
Hi I need a long term diet that will work for my body type. I have looked into every different kind of diet on the market but I am unable to find one that …

Advocare? ?  Not rated yet
Does Advocare products work with weight loss and are they safe??

long term care insurance Not rated yet
Do you have any resources for companies that provide long term care insurance options for obese individuals?

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