I chose not...

by Not Fat by Coice

To be a lazy fat ass. This article is even more disgusting in that it attempts to equate the prejudice of obesity (which happens by choice) with that of ethnicity (which is not of our choice).

I'm sure there are a lot of fat people who spend a significant amount of time complaining of unfairness and how bad it is to be fat.... blah blah blah. Try spending that time and energy on a exercising and maintaining healthy eating habits instead of perpetuating unhealthy habits which burden society.

Clearly, some fat people are so self absorbed they fail to see the impact their decision has on society as a whole. Increased burden on the health care system; driving up the cost of insurance as well as taking time out of the system to deal with problems caused by their choice. Increased fuel consumption, which increases fuel demand, followed by increased prices. Increased food costs for the same reason above. These are just a few of the problems caused by a fat persons choice.

The easiest way to NOT be seen as a fat, lazy slob is to NOT BE a fat, lazy slob.

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