by Grace
(Vermont, US)

When I was 17 I finally landed myself a job. I had been eager to work and make my own money since I was 14 so I was NOT lazy.

I am 330 lbs and have not been under 300 lbs since maybe 9th grade. I learned at a very young age that this world is unfair and nothing surprises me anymore.
I was hired at a local sub shop. My friend's sister worked there and basically got me the job. Our boss later informed me that if it wasn't for my friend's sister she wouldn't have hired me.
She reassured me that she was glad she did because I was one of the best workers she had. This lady kissed my but every day because I was her best employee.
One day, an obese women, who was actually way smaller then me appplied for a job. My boss said to me, "Oh we cannot hire her. She will eat all the food".
I was disgusted and asked why she thought that, and if that's what she saw me as. She of course sweetened it up and gave a nonsense response.
This just goes to show how ignorant people really are. Now as I go through my college years I think about the futue and ask myself, is this all going to be a waste. Will I ever be able to find a job? This is one sad world we are living in.

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