My Obese Husband Died on the Way to Hospital

by Dale
(Vancouver, WA USA)

Did you know that ambulances do not have the necessary tools to work on an obese person. I know, from tragic personal experience.

My husband, an obese Mexican man aged 45 was at a concert when he fell ill. An amblulance was called and by the time it arrived he was responsive.
The AMR team had to intubate. Apon arrival at the ER it was found that the tube was inserted into the stomach not the lungs. He was that way for 23 minutes.
The lawyer could not prove without doubt that he died because of this. The autopsy showed nothing. I was told that this is a normal occurance becuause ambulances are not equiped to handle obese people.
Is this not prejudice? Why is this OK? I think this is something that all obese people need to know.
I am trying to find a way to change this problem or at least have it out in the open so that people realize what could happen.

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