Picky Eater

by Jill
(United States)

Couscous w/ veggies

Couscous w/ veggies

I've always been a picky eater. My regular diet consisted of hamburgers & fries, pizza, hotdogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and donuts... lots and lots of donuts.

Then one day I received a wake up call from my doctor. While I was not obese (I was overweight, however), the food that I was putting into my body was literally killing me. With all the bad food and the stress of life, I developed pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is a very serious illness that can kill you. My only option for recovery was to change my diet. I was given a very strict list of things that I could no longer have and things that I could have.

Ultimately it led me to a mostly vegan diet. I'm not 100% vegan and probably never will be, but not only have I found the food to be yummy, I've lost weight and overall feel so much better. I don't have to hide behind my husband in pictures anymore. I've never felt so free in my life.

I was one of those people who vowed that I would never be
able to change my eating habbits. However, now that I have no choice, I've found that it's easier than I thought it was.... and for the first time in my life, real food is delicious!

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