Prejudice or Natural instinctive selection?

by bonnie

This is a story of Chickens. We had about a Dozen normal chickens we were raising. Reds, and Aricondas chickens which got along together perfectly.

Then we bought a couple Cornish Hens. Cornish Hens are altered to get big and fat very quickly. The normal chickens knew something was different about them and wanted nothing to do with the cornish hens. They would even peck at them to keep thier distance from the others.
Who is to say that we are much differrent than chickens. I believe that human prejudice is derived from instinctive natural selection of the species. Ask yourselves why there is self imposed segregation of races? It is in every city, every school, and especially in prisons in America.
I also believe that no matter how hard we try, It will always be. People will always cry unfair to get things they want, but they will always return to their own kind out of instinctive natural selection of thier species.

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