Good enough on paper anyway!

by J.Walden

This about my beautiful wife. Her and I are both overweight. I have worked very hard my whole life and tried to take care of my family to the best of my ability. I was working 65 plus hours a week so my wife could go to EKU and get her associates degree in Medical Assisting.

She worked very hard, graduated with honors, on the Deans list and other honors that I can't remember. She asked me if it was OK for her to take a few months before she went to look for a job so she could spend time with our 2 and 3 year old because she had spent so much time away from home
She took off several months and then decided to send out resumes.
She got a phone call for an interview and the office manager could not believe she had not been chased down by other doctor's offices begging her to come to work for them. The lady told her that with her transcripts, certificates, scoring on tests that she needed to get her in for an interview as soon as possible. This call she received on a Wednesday afternoon, and they wanted her there the next day, they agreed to meet early Friday. The lady begged her to please show up, that they had 7 jobs to fill for this huge medical office and she was at the top of the list after getting her resume.
drove her to the interview so we could celebrate after the interview. It was more or less in the bag, we thought after the phone conversation.
After a 45 minute interview, the office manager informed my wife that "she had interviews to do for the next two weeks and that she would mail her a letter letting her know what direction they were going to go in."
Still no letter, still no phone call. She also got the "don't call us, we will call you" speech. This has happened 3 times in the last 2 months.
My Dad never believed that prejudice against obese people existed until I was released from a decent job that had nothing to do with my weight but a personal issue. I left with glowing reviews from my former employer. I turned in my resume to several other places even some places he knew was looking for someone with my experience and personal friends of his.
I went in for my interviews, and I would understand if I was dressed like a hobo, but I had done this kind of work before so I knew how to dress the part. My favorite question was, "You have very big hands, do you think you can run ten key machine?" I just stood up and said, "Thanks for your time," and left.
My wife and I remain positive and are very resourceful people. We don't let other people's ignorance get us down.

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