Healthcare giant passes buck on broken shower bench accident!

by Izaiah MartineZ
(Pensacola, FL)

Izaiah Martinez

Izaiah Martinez

My name is Izaiah Martinez and I am a 38-year-old, 390lb "Blatino" (Dark skined-Latin male) standing at around 5 feet 9 inches.

I recently was hospitalize for shortness of breath and oxygen deficiency.
During my stay at the hospital I took a shower which went off without incident the first time. On the next visit my nurse set me up in a different shower room. This time around the shower bench, which was less supportive then the first, completely broke from underneath me, causing me to hit the hard tiled floor backside first and sustaining an injury to my lower back.
Once I was able to help myself back up I alerted my nurse and the managerial staff on duty that night who basically looked at me as if to say,"Why did you sit your big self down on that shower bench anyway?"
All they did was have a nurse look at my backside who stated that she did not see any bruises or injury and that in the morning X-rays would be taken of my backside.
To add insult to injury the hospital declined to give me an incident report and discharged me in hurry the day after my accident.
They still have not done anything to make right the accident', insisting there was no negligence on the hospitals behalf. They have, however, said they have notified their staff to be more careful of letting persons of size take a shower.

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